Book Launch: Doing Feminisms in the Academy

Prof Krishna Menon, one of the editors of Doing Feminisms in the Academy, giving the opening for our book launch

Dr Radhika Govinda’s presentation at the Doing Feminisms in the Academy book launch


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Topic: Book Launch: Doing Feminisms in the Academy
Time: Nov 5, 2020 04:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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Webinar on Gender Equity in Higher Education: A U.S.- India Dialogue

Gender Equity

Women in Security, Conflict Prevention and Peace

Feminist Struggles in the Academy in India and the UK  

Feminist Struggles in the Academy in India and the UK is a comic book publication culminating from a year-long collaborative effort between the University of Edinburgh doctoral students Kamya Choudhary and Cat Wayland, Dr. Radhika Govinda (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Edinburgh), and artists Shazleen Khan and Samia Singh. Read Comic


Sounds of the Soul

Singing in the Dark Times by Smt. Sumangala Damodaran
Host: Dr. Swati Desai

Interview @ The Wire
निर्भया मामले से जुड़े हर पहलू पर शिक्षिका कृष्णा मेनन से सृष्टि श्रीवास्तव की बातचीत।
Nirbhaya Case: All the Issues India Needs to Talk About.

Lessons from Hyderabad: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Krishna Menon and Rukmini Sen, Ambedkar University Delhi

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“Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives: Questions of Identity, Pedagogy and Violence in India and the UK”
under UGC-UKIERI Joint Programme
4th Workshop

Ambedkar University Delhi
28th-30th October, 2019

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The following were the activities that took place related to the UGC-UKIERI project when Professor Sumanagla Damordaran visited the University of Edinburgh between 20th and 23rd June 2019.

1. She gave a talk in the CSAS Seminar Series of the Centre for South Asian Studies titled Labour’s Powers and Questions of Freedom – Situating Informality and Precarity in a Historical Context.

It was based on ongoing work that she is doing with a group of colleagues from Freiburg, Cape Town and Cyprus on the idea of ‘Deviance’ and its relationship to social change. Taking a cue from the Durkheimian idea of Deviance and inverting it, the team has developed a theoretical framework and published a book in 2014. What she presented is a section of their new book that is being completed, where she has looked at how the capitalist wage contract has been historically conditioned by local practices of discrimination and how this links up with conditions of labour and employment in the contemporary world, both in developed as well as developing countries.

2. She had two meetings with Radhika Govinda and her two PhD students Kamya and Cat to discuss the plans and possible content for a webcomic based on project roundtable conversations in both Delhi and Edinburgh and panel discussion transcripts.

3. She had a meeting with Fiona Mackay and Radhika to discuss plans for what can be done in the project when they visit later in the year.